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All of us use the Internet.  Most  of us have a computer (or two or three) in our homes, in our offices, our schools, government offices, nearly everywhere.  Even our telephones are "smart phones" with Internet access.  Newer model cars and trucks have the ability to link to the Internet.  There is almost no part of our lives that does not touch the Internet.
While the Internet is a wonderful tool, it is, like all tools, subject to abuse.  Bad people can hurt good people using only a computer.  Calling on his skills as a retired FBI special agent and former Chief of Staff of the FBI Cyber Division in Washington, D.C., attorney Todd K. Hulsey can help you.  When discretion is of the utmost importance to you, we are the law firm for you.
Earlier this year, we were contacted by a client who was being blackmailed online.  Our client, a very senior corporate official in a multi-national corporation, was videotaped through the client's own webcam, without the client's knowledge, resulting in embarrassing and defamatory videos of the client being used for blackmail.  The blackmailers told our client to send money or else the videos would be posted "all over the internet."  Our client immediately contacted us and we went to work.  
Our firm's investigation revealed the blackmailers were in three foreign countries and had posted the defamatory videos on 52 websites around the world.  Within ten days, our firm was totally successful in blunting the blackmail and removing the videos from all 52 websites, saving our client from great personal and professional embarrassment.  Our firm was successful while preserving our client's privacy.
If you are being blackmailed online, or are facing a cyber stalker or a cyber bully, please contact us.  We understand how horrible this can be for you.  We work discreetly, in order to protect your privacy.  We will blunt the bad activity, mitigate the effects of it, and help you recover your piece of mind as a result.
Let us help you!