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                  The Hulsey Law Firm, PLLC, founded on the principles of Integrity First and Excellence in Service, focuses its practice on corporate internal investigations in support of corporate compliance programs, and on public sector agency accountability through engagement as Private Independent Counsel.  Our firm provides personal attention from our principal attorneys, not assistants.  Our brand of personal attention is the acme of Excellence in Service!


                  Mr. Hulsey, a retired Supervisory Special Agent/Chief Division Counsel of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, brings 21 years of high level, complex investigative and legal experience to the firm.  His career has encompassed cases in the Violent Crime, Organized Crime, and Counterintelligence disciplines, to the FBI legal counsel program as Chief Counsel of the El Paso Division of the Bureau.


                  His assignments ranged from the Los Angeles Safe Streets Task Force, the Southern California Drug Task Force, and a Special Espionage Task Force in the Los Angeles Division, to various assignments at FBI Headquarters in Washington, DC, the Albuquerque Division, and finally the El Paso Division.  He also served as an Assistant Legal Attaché at the US Embassy in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in 2009.


                  During his tenure as the Chief Counsel of the El Paso Division, Mr. Hulsey served as the division’s Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer, and the Chief Privacy Officer.  During a temporary assignment from El Paso back to FBI Headquarters, he authored, developed, and implemented the first-ever compliance program for the FBI’s Cyber Division in Washington, where he then served as its Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer.  He also earned the “inspection certified” designation from the FBI, designating his special qualifications to conduct internal investigations of FBI employees and processes.


                  The Hulsey Law Firm, PLLC, stands ready to conduct investigations in support of your compliance program, investigations of alleged misconduct, possible process and procedure failures, and any other matters that need the attention of a professional legal-investigative process.  Our resources include forensic accountants, certified fraud examiners, polygraph examiners, and line investigators, all of whom are retired federal agents.


                  The Hulsey Law Firm, PLLC, adds value to your organization through an unsurpassed standard of excellence.  We stand ready to consult with your organization regarding establishing or enhancing compliance programs.  The firm also accepts mediation and arbitration assignments.  We look forward to speaking with you!

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